Friday, June 27, 2008

Gas Prices + Economy = Missing Races

Is anyone else out there enjoying the rising gas prices? I live in Connecticut and we are ranked as the 2nd highest for gas prices. An average gallon of unleaded is around $4.28 here. It is unbelievable that the prices are this high. It has made me rethink on how I do things in regards to traveling. I usually go up to Loudon for at least one of the races but this year I am having to cancel, it is just too darn expensive. It is not NASCAR's fault and I don't hold anything against them, it is our wonderful government.

The picture above is what I am planning to purchase very soon. It is a Honda Reflex. You have probably read numerous articles that the sales of scooters are rising and heck when you are getting 85 MPG, you can do the math. Now, I am not getting rid of my car by no means but this scooter will be my way back and forth to work which will save me big time money. They are not cheap but you can pick up a used one for a great price.

Can you picture a parking lot full of these scooters at a NASCAR race instead of all of the trailers? It is going to make it difficult for tailgating but just imagine how easy it will be for traffic before and after the race. We are seeing it week in and week out on TV on how the attendance is falling for the races and it is just because people are cutting back and opting to stay home, cook out and watch the races on their big screen TV's. Heck, that is what I have been doing and I can even DVR the race if I am not home and watch it later.

It is truly sad to see all of this happening to us but it wasn't something that just came out of the blue and hit us hard. We have been seeing this trend happening and instead of our government doing something about it, they just sat back and hoped it would correct itself and now we are all paying for it. I am seeing more and more people walking and taking public transportation. I drive home after work and I can see fewer cars on the road. Our government is way behind the power curve. I have no doubt that our economy will recover, we had this problem back in the 70's under the Carter administration and we turned it around so who is to say we can't do it again. Whoever the next president is going to be is going to inherit a headache, I hope they bought plenty of tylenol.

Just a point of view here and I am not going to get into politics but there is a trend building here, we started to see the gas prices go up back in 2006 and that is when the democratic party became the majority in the house. Jimmy Carter was President back in the 70's when we went into a depression and he was a democrat. The upcoming election shows that most likely our next president will be a democrat. See what I am talking about? I am not pointing fingers, we should of been building refineries over 10 years ago but alas, we are WAY behind the power curve.

It is a sad day when a diehard NASCAR fan can not even go to a race that is only 2 1/2 hours from his home. Yep, I am talking about me. Remember, this is not NASCAR's fault, it is those guys sitting up on the hill that give themselves a nice raise each year while others are living out of their cars because they can not afford their homes anymore.


Is the economy effecting your NASCAR plans? Lets hear it!

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