Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stretching Your Dollars at the Pump

I can’t believe this and they get away with price gouging. Makes you wonder who the owner is since he is unwilling to comment, probably is from the Middle East over here on a free ride. Sorry but this kind of thing just really upsets me and it effects all of us.

Stretching Your Dollars at the Pump


NASCAR Collectibles said...

First, thank you for your service in the Navy.

Secondly, I found your blog through "Glob of Blogs", so at least you now know, you got a hit from there.

And Third-ly, I'm not sure who's getting rich off High oil prices, but I'm sure it's not me. At the time you posted this article, I was figuring Gas would go to $5.00 by July. Now it looks like the "pattern/Plot" is, to raise gas prices by $1.50 each cycle, and then drop back $0.50, to make us think "well, at least it isn't $4, or $5, or $6.00 a gallon".

But it's still a Rip-off, no matter how you figure it.

~ Nascar Collector

The Mad News said...

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